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This listing is for 1 piece of raw Red Aventurine. As each stone is different, please allow for variations in coloring and a slight variation to size. *Photos of our products are real and taken by The Hidden Gem*


  • Small: Up to 1in
  • Medium: Up to 1.5in
  • Large: Up to 2in
  • XL: Up to 2.5in or more


~Enthusiasm ~Positivity ~Empathy ~Leadership ~Prosperity


Chakras- Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Birthstone- August

Zodiac- Aries
Element- Fire
Numerical Vibration - 3

Red Aventurine (Raw)

PriceFrom $5.00
    • Think bountiful. Think practical enthusiasm. This stone is believed to be a positive stone of prosperity, diffusing negative emotions, reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion and encouraging perseverance.
    • A stone of positivity, it helps heal heartache and brings emotions back into alignment. Aventurine is a stone for decisiveness that strengthens leadership qualities and diffuses angry situations. It promotes empathy and compassion, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.
    • Aventurine benefits the thymus gland and nervous system. It balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol. Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect and eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes. It heals lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.
    • In healing, Red Aventurine is believed to enhance mental stamina and encourage a renewed sense of empowerment. It is believed to bring correction to issues affecting, blood, circulation, heart, fertility, reproductive organs in both male and female, nervous system, thymus gland, metabolism, autoimmune and hormones.
  • No Returns or Exchanges. However, if you have a problem with your product we would be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us so that we can help.

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